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How Do We Motivate Consistent Engagement & Quality Work in 21st Century Students?

I am currently pursuing this question in my Masters program.


It stems from living in a time and place where I feel our generation can be best described as


"Doing less (quality work) with more (resources than ever before)."


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Comment by Nicole Newton on September 3, 2013 at 3:59pm

I don't know that our generation is necessary doing less quality work. One of the problems with having more resources than ever before is that it multiplies the number of resources that provide incorrect information. I believe that the road to producing "quality work" should begin with teaching them to discern information that is accurate and relevant. In addition, many students are capable of producing quality work, but lack the mode in which to do so. For example, a student who is artistically inclined may produce a wonderful painting that displays a number of concepts from the Civil War, but may not be able to do the same in the form of an essay. 

This is not to say that students should not be held responsible for reading, writing, and testing skills. Such skills are necessary to function in an academic (and "real-world") environment. Nevertheless, as educators, we must realize that in order to engage and motivate students,we need to appeal to the things they are GOOD at. We must also allow students to use their knowledge of technology and various 21st century resources to creatively display knowledge. 




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